Former two-time TUFer gives elaborate reason why he should fight Nick Diaz

If you missed Cameron Diffley on TUF 7, then you probably caught him on TUF 16 in which he was defeated by Neil Magny on the second episode. Technically Cameron Diffley is undefeated in MMA since all of those TUF fights really don’t count anyway (although they really should — why else would you use a commission?)

Diffley got on Sherdog recently to retell a story of what he should fight Nick Diaz by using a frustrating and confusing numbered bullet system, highlighting certain points that I’m not sophisticated enough to understand. At the end of it all, apparently there’s a reason why Nick Diaz should fight him — but I’m just not finding it.

Whats up Sherdog! My name is Cameron Diffley Quick Bio: BJJ coach TUF 7 Contestant on TUF 16 (Notgood) was Forrest Griffin’s BJJ Coach when he had the belt and have taught alot of top fighters some Jiu-Jitsu from time to time. 4-0 (5-1 with show) but been training MMA professionally for 10 yrs

Anyways I am here because nick diaz and I need to fight heres why: Just a little twitter nonsense I posted

a) know nick since i was 23ish training partners every now and then

b) move in with nick to train for the ultimate fighter with the intention of staying in northern cal side note is I lost and was pissed without money and luckily my grandfather needed help with his business at the time so I spend some time in socal getting straightened out but already know in my head I am going back up to norcal to help nick get ready for george because he helped me get ready for the show

c)I went up to help Nick train one time and about a week or two later come back up a second time, (Cesar called me in the middle asking me if I would be able to go to Hawaii to teach for awhile, which seemed weird to me because nick needed the training so I said no I couldn’t I was going to help with training) first time was a little weird because I hadn’t been around in a month but things seemed fine when I left.

d) Come into the house with nick obviously irritated vaguely speaking about ****s so I knew he was pissed but not directly (was dating a part african american girl at the time, broke up around this time too(she told a bunch of people the story..probably why Nick couldnt let it go)

e)Nick leaves to get a haircut, I stay to go on a run his girlfriend says you should go with them they all go together, so I said cool (when someone has a fight as a friend I always let them do their thing a little more…especially a title fight)

f)Nick gets his haircut, I went to get some food, I know somethings up from already but I can’t figure out what

g)we leave and he starts talking about how he and our mutual friend used to go to this one park to slap white boys when their mouth got too big

h)so now I am pretty sure I am the target (ha) In a small car with three other people miles from my car so I am not exactly sure what, why or how?

i)we get out I jokingly say are we here to go on a run, get out on the grass sit down and start stretching, (imagine this park like a huge grass bowl with a fence around the top of the bowl

j)guy pulls out a camera I keep stretching, Nick is acting like he is warming up but walks over to the fence to look at a girl across the park, says something about the girl I get a weird vibe that he knows her so I ignore the whole thing as politely as possible they hop the fence to walk into the middle of the park so I followed (kinda pissed at this point)

k) nick and two friends run out ahead of me and start play fighting in the middle of the park, I start to warm up and they ask what I am doing and the answer is ‘warming up’

l)they are circling me while seemingly joking and I said its really weird I feel like I am in trouble for something at which point nick says ‘alot of people get in trouble at this park’

m)I am like alright we are going to fight so just kinda hanging out waiting for it to start nothing starts so I say “hey remember the ties you would use for that one move I think I figured out a counter” he stops lets me try and I hit the counter easy a few times and I can tell he is overtrained a little so I start to mess with him about how weak he felt.

n)at this time one guy mentions that he is texting cesar and Nick starts texting Nate

o) now he says his brother is at the bass pro shop ready to film another part of their documentary, so I said lets go

p)nick acts like he is going to bassproshop but goes back to his house, I go with everyone to the gym (they must have thought I was really stupid at this point hahaha) then go back to Nicks house to have a conversacion about training the next day

q)up in the morning off to the gym and only Nate and a few of their guys showed up, spar with everyone I do really well (believe it or not). After we go back to Nicks house who is MIA and nate said we are going to the mall to check stuff out thats where Nick is (night before nick spent a decent amount of time discussing how the mall was where fights went down(and past the age of 16 WTF))So I hop in my car rush to the mall get some rice in me from Panda express and sit in the front waiting

r)Nate shows up with two friends said Nick had something to do I say I am gonna take off to Socal

The reason he threw the graffiti my way is because we were going back and forth subtly talking shit on social media and he was offered the fight a couple of times from what I heard and he got so pissed that he threw some graffiti my way. Really cool piece just really bad placement

Main reason I put this out there is nick got the gym tagged where I was living and training. In the neighborhood where I was living ,in march, you very easily could have gotten me killed (honestly no exageration). Lots of little incidents inbetween that kept the thing going that I ignored because I am into this buddhist big picture shit like there are starving children in the world so my little issues dont matter.

Love it or hate it I want to fight Nick Diaz! I can beat any welterweight! If you use twitter @camerondiffley

Well then, feel free to breakdown what this guy said in two sentences or less. Go ahead, I dare you.

Published on July 1, 2014 at 1:41 am
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