Fedor says he’s never experienced a ‘fixed fight’

After Fedor’s fight with Brett Rogers, some people on the UG claimed that it was ‘a work’. A work essentially is a more comedic term for ‘a fixed fight’ except you can integrate the word into your daily activities. Like that parking ticket you got the other day, it’s a work. You don’t have to pay it. Your relationship with your ex, that entire thing was a work. You know you really didn’t love her. Check out what Fedor had to say in regards to management and organizations ‘fixing fights’.

In all of my life’s experience I have not encountered that. Not once. How can there really be a setup, when the majority of our fights end early? Probably ~70% of the fights end that way. You can’t fake a knockout. Well, you obviously could if you tried really hard, but the audience is watching every movement, and then they discuss everything and critique. They cannot be fooled.

And think about it on your own – my payday relies solely on my wins. If I was to “lie down”, I would drop in the rankings and my next fight’s purse would be a lot smaller.

Besides, our sport is still only developing: for it to be interesting we must be unbiased. Of course, I want our guys to win – Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, sure. But if a fighter comes from France, for example, and he hits well – then he will win. It’s very fair/honest.

Whenever Fedor speaks, it’s as if mountains shift and rivers reverse directions. There are actually a lot of great quotes from this Fedor interview, like when he breaks down Cro Cop’s decline from Pride or Chuck Liddell’s weakness. It’s worth a read. Besides, it will get your mind off the fact that you don’t have a Valentines for today. [Source]

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