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Everyone relax, Master P has now entered the world of MMA

Everyone relax, Master P has now entered the world of MMA

You can’t say that you truly lived until you’ve owned a Master P CD. You know how GSP says ‘I am the best Georges St. Pierre that I have ever been’? Well Master P was the best Master P for like 7 years straight. Dude practically signed his name off on the mid 90s. If you haven’t jumped around your room when you were a kid while listening to Master P at full blast, then you should probably get that time machine you always dreamed about and revisit your teenage years to shell out the $14.99 for 99 ways to die or Ghetto D. Now the guy who made a career off of making you say ‘Ugh’ has now entered the world of MMA.

The Boombox is reporting that Master P will judge an MMA benefit event for Haiti which will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, Texas next week. What, you guys thought he was fighting? Come on man, dude is like a freakzillionare. Chamillionare will also be at the event, a rapper that is neither a millionaire or a ‘Cha’ (whatever a cha is). Here is what No Limit CEO had to say about his upcoming appearance at the WGC.

“Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sports in the world, And to have the WGC bring awareness to education and helping the kids in Haiti get back into the school systems, I’m in. Together we can make a difference.”

The fact that Master P even knows what MMA is should bring a tear to your eye. Pretty soon we’ll be telling our grandkids that when we were a kid, the hottest song had the title ‘Make Crack Like This‘. God, what a great track. It was an instructional guide to building a crack empire and you wouldn’t even know by that catchy beat. [Source]

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