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Ever seen a kangaroo rear naked choke someone? You’re about to…

If, at any point in my life, a promoter in Australia decides to organize an MMA event strictly for kangaroos, I will immediately stop whatever I’m doing to get a round-trip ticket to Oz while screaming ‘This is the most ballerish thing I’ve seen in my life‘. In fact, just take it one step further and organize The Ultimate Fighter: Australia and just throw a kangaroo to see what happens. Unfortunately PETA will ruin the show by claiming that animals are being mistreated when in reality, they are just being offered a shot at a six-figure UFC contract. Take it easy with the animal rights and just bear witness to the fitness of the modern animal warrior. Check out this video of a kangaroo taking down a chick followed by a nicely placed rear naked choke. Next time kangaroo, sink it in a little deeper to prevent your opponent from running out of the ring.

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