EA MMA will probably use motion controls

If you ever wanted to prove to yourself that you’re mentally stable, invite your family and friends over for dinner…mid-way through dessert, try to put your chair in an ankle lock. When that’s done, start delivering liver punches to the batch of liver and onions your Aunt Barbara made. To top it all off, give a rear naked choke to the honey glazed ham that’s sitting in the middle of the table and don’t stop until it taps out. If that isnt enough to make everyone’s eyeballs explode out of sheer WTFness, invite yourself over to my functional alcoholic neighbor’s apartment and arm bar all twelve of her kittens (just kidding PETA). All of this may sound like something you would already been doing whenever you’re a 6-pack deep in Smirnoff Ice (man’s drink) but if EA Sports integrate motion controls like they’re hinting at, then get ready to put your Playstation 3 in a kimura (and be laughed at by all of your friends).

In an interview with Gamasutra, the head of EA Sports (Peter Moore) said: “Anything that uses motion and movement — obviously sports is incredibly a part of that. We have seen both Natal and the motion controller from Sony several months ago, so we’re already, in both instances, looking at opportunities to bring our licensed product [and] our fitness product, to these new controller mechanisms. I can’t think about anybody better positioned than us to do that…You think of MMA coming up, of course, and what we’d be able to do there. You think of both tennis and golf, as two sports where you’re swinging, in some respect, and what we could do there that would be fun and unique. Like I say, anything that requires motion — just about all of our games do, obviously. I think there’s an opportunity.

A motion controlled mixed martial arts game. What would happen if the guy you’re fighting got you in an anaconda choke? Would you just role play the whole thing out and start spazzing on the floor like you just got diagnosed with epilepsy? Imagine sprawling in your living room and knocking over your mother’s thousand dollar Turkish vase just for the sake of ‘preventing the takedown’. I mean the potentials to make a complete dofus out of yourself while playing this game is rawesome…and we can’t wait to be ‘that guy’. The only way any of this stuff will feasibly (big word) work is if the game came with a full sized sparring dummy. But then you would have to explain to your girlfriend why there is a naked, lifesized inflatable man wrapped between your legs. [Source]

Published on June 23, 2009 at 8:32 pm
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