Diego Sanchez to have Stephan Bonnar as Cornerman at UFC 253

Despite a long rivaled history, Diego Sanchez will have Stephan Bonnar in his corner at UFC 253

Diego Sanchez - Image via @diegonightmaresanchezufc Instagram
Diego Sanchez - Image via @diegonightmaresanchezufc Instagram

The School of Awareness seems to be really working inside the mind of UFC veteran Diego Sanchez. Well, if that is what he even wants to be called anymore. Training with coach Josh Fabia has given Sanchez an entirely new outlook on life. While MMA fans never thought they would see Diego Sanchez and Stephan Bonnar be cordial after their blowout on “The Ultimate Fighter,” think again. Instead, Bonnar will corner Sanchez during his next fight at UFC 253 in a dramatic turn of events. 

Sanchez and Bonnar Speak on Friendship 

Sanchez believed that his former coaches at Jackson Wink stopped appreciating him. Also, he believed that Jackson Wink got credit when he won but didn’t receive criticism when he lost. Which is why he decided to make the switch in “camps.” Now, Team Sanchez is led by Diego and Josh Fabia.

Fabia is a guru who specializes in self-awareness. Changing the mindset of Diego, he now thinks on a different frequency. Believing that life comes full circle, Sanchez will have Bonnar corner him for his next fight. 

“The world and the universe goes full circle,” Sanchez said. “We came full circle. This is my boy and he’s going to be supporting me (and) helping me. I’ve got another cornerman.”

Next, Bonnar shared that he and Diego have a friendship. Furthermore, he is a new man and has a recharged outlook on life. 

“When I was down in Albuquerque, we hung out in the mountains together,” Bonnar said. “Sixteen years ago on The Ultimate Fighter, he said, ‘Dude you’ve got to come down to the mountains in Albuquerque and we can see some UFOs together under the stars.’ Here we are. Finally, I took him up on it. It took me long enough.”

Getting Results 

Will having Bonnar in Diego’s corner be the x-factor that he’s looking for? Furthermore, is the School of Awareness seemingly benefiting Diego Sanchez in a positive way?

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