Austin Trout Blasts ‘Sore Loser’ Diego Sanchez Over Cheating Accusations: ‘Take That Loss As A Man’

Trout responds to Sanchez's claims that he cheated in their BKFC fight.

Trout Sanchez Cheat
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Austin Trout isn’t happy with how Diego Sanchez is handling his loss

The former boxing world champion was successful in his bare-knuckle boxing debut, beating Sanchez by doctor stoppage at BKFC’s Knuckle Mania earlier this month. Following the fight, the ex-UFC star argued that Trout had cheated by having an excess of vaseline on him while he didn’t have any. 

Sanchez has called for the result to be overturned and is thinking about taking legal action. 

‘He’s Being A Sore Loser’

Trout has since responded to Sanchez’s cheating allegations from their fight. While he isn’t shocked to see this from Sanchez, he is surprised that people are getting behind it. 

“[It was] an all around perfect weekend. It’s unfortunate that that good feeling has to be trumped by such nonsense that I can’t believe he’s even getting steam, but it is,” Trout told TMZ. “He’s being a sore loser, but other than that it’s like, we know Diego’s a weird guy. I didn’t wanna punch him not one more time in that fight. Cause, there was just no more point in— you saw the damage he took.

“So, for him to make these accusations, I’m not really that shocked. He’s been talking about UFOs and, and all kinds of weird stuff lately. Anyway, but for the people to take this crap serious, that’s what I’m like, really? You can’t be serious right now, you guys, okay, you guys are serious, wow. I’m gonna have to make a defense of myself about this crap, cause now it’s gaining steam and I blame you. I blame you, the people. I can’t believe you guys let this happen.”

Trout Addresses The Vaseline

Trout attempts to pick apart Sanchez’s argument regarding how much vaseline he used.

“I only do what I’m supposed to do in the ring. As far as the Vaseline goes, for the layman people, let me explain something in boxing. Okay? In boxing, Vaseline is allowed as it is in MMA, as it is in bare knuckle. How much Vaseline you could put on, that’s usually at the discrepancy of the commission. Some commission allows you to put a lot on, some commission doesn’t allow you to put hardly any on but they’ll tell you right then and there, that’s too much. Wipe it off.

‘I went and looked at the BKFC rules. I didn’t see anything about Vaseline. So, so as far as what they say, how much opponent they did it, they didn’t. not to mention it was a BKFC staff that put the Vaseline on me. Now, if he’s like a, no one put Vaseline on me, I’m like, that’s your fault. Why don’t your corner put Vaseline on you or request more Vaseline? it didn’t come down to Vaseline, this fight. it wasn’t who had more vaseline on or not. It was the jab and the footwork. That was the defining factor in that fight.”

‘Take That Loss As A Man’

Austin Trout doesn’t have any respect for how Diego Sanchez has taken the loss, also adding that the vaseline was a non-factor in their BKFC fight.

“I respect what he’s done, but I don’t respect how he’s taking this,” Trout said of Sanchez. “This is not respectable actions. Take that loss as a man. He blocked me right away. So, some people are sending me what he’s saying and he’s basically saying that I ruined his game plan of the clinching and punching with the vaseline. Go watch the fight, that first round I initiated the clinch and beat his ass all the way inside. It was the body shots that made him stop clinching. It wasn’t the Vaseline, so to speak.

“Go again, Watch the fight. I don’t remember ever feeling him grab the back of my neck, not once. If he knew that it was too slick, he would’ve made an issue out of it during the fight. But again, go watch the fight, that wasn’t a factor. I beat him up in the clinch. I beat him up on the outside. I walked him down. So that’s also further proof that it had nothing to do with the vaseline.”

Published on February 21, 2023 at 12:17 pm
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