Darren Till Breaks Down His Recent Altercation With Police

After having a recent run-in with law enforcement due to mask regulations, Darren Till explains the situation and why he was stopped

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UFC middleweight Darren Till recently live streamed an altercation that he had with police over not wearing a mask. Now he breaks down the situation and explains what happened from his perspective.

Till is a wild character to say the least. Typically it is his antics as a troll that get people paying attention to him, but he oftentimes follows this up with exciting performances inside the Octagon.

Earlier this week however, Darren was involved in a bit of an altercation with law enforcement. He had live streamed a video in the middle of an argument with two cops, who wanted to see proof that he was exempt from wearing a mask.

Darren Till Explains Himself

Following the incident, fans were largely happy to see that Darren Till did not get arrested. However there were still some questions as to what exactly happened to cause this event to occur.

Luckily for those inquisitive minds, Darren did a recent interview, where he was asked to break down what happened. Speaking with UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping, he broke down why these cops were harassing him.

“So I’m going to the petrol station literally two minutes my from house,” Till said.

“There was a police officer in there and he’s the guy who sorta recognized me. As I come out, this police officer’s been sat in his car. He jumps out of his car, comes straight up into my face and goes ‘Where’s your mask?’

“First of all, that just threw me off because I’m like ‘Mate, you’re right in my grill here.’ So I went ‘I don’t need a mask, I’m exempt.’ and he went ‘What are you exempt for?’

“I didn’t need to tell him, but I told him what was going on, I said ‘I’ve got sinus issues from a fight.’ and he went to me, ‘Oh, fighting on the street are we?'”

Darren Till went on to say that he explained to the officer that he was a professional fighter, but the cop wanted to fine him anyway. When Darren tried to leave, the cop stopped him from leaving.

So he jumped quick on Instagram to live stream, just in case he got hit with disorderly conduct. The rest of it was seen in the videos posted online, but Darren says he is still upset with the way the officer handled things.

“I know the law, I know for a fact you don’t need to show proof, and if you tell someone you’re exempt that’s where it should end,” Till explained.

“But even if you want to carry it on further mate, just give me my warning or my caution, stop harassing me and leave me on my way. 

“I kept saying to him, this isn’t on the Live, but I said to him ‘You’re here to serve us not to harass us.'”

Now Darren Till makes it clear that he does not want this to be an example of how people should handle law enforcement. However he was pushed to a point where he was left with no choice but to respond with the aggression he showed.


What do you think of this situation from Darren Till?

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