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Daniel Cormier Wonders: “Is Turinabol Allowed For Jon Jones From Now On?”

Daniel Cormier Wonders: “Is Turinabol Allowed For Jon Jones From Now On?”

Daniel Cormier Would Like To Know Whether Trace Amount Of Turinabol In Jon Jones Body Will Be Tolerated Forever

Despite Jon Jones’ test samples were positive on Turinabol on numerous occasions during the last few months, he was allowed to compete at the main event of UFC 232. USADA believes “the pinch of salt” actually comes from old positive drug test back in 2017. One of the dirtiest fighters in the history of UFC was already issued a penalty for that.

This whole fiasco opens up a big controversy. Will Jon Jones be allowed to fight with Turinabol in his body forever? Daniel Cormier would like to get the answer. (h/t

“Because he has this trace amount of whatever… going forward, will he be allowed to just always have this? That’s my question,” Cormier said at the MMA Hour. “Because if he was able to fight this weekend, why wouldn’t you be able to fight in six months if it’s the same stuff in his system?

“Is he always going to be allowed to have this? I don’t understand,” he said. “That’s one of my biggest wonders, if it’s okay for him to always kind of have this trace amount of stuff in his body.”

Daniel Cormier looked back on the former UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir, who was punished because of the same substance. He wonders whether Turinabol should be permitted for Mir from now on too!

“What other people have, whatever that is, that Turinabol stuff, it just stays. So can we go back now and say ‘Frank Mir, now you’re allowed to always have Turinabol’?

“I don’t understand because I’m very uneducated about illegal substances,” he said. “Seems kind of messed up that he can have something. It’s messed up.”

Well, the situation looks so complicated at the moment. USADA is unable to prove whether Jones reingested Turinabol or not. What are your thoughts on this? Does this mean USADA will tolerate this miraculous anabolic steroid in Jon Jones’ test samples from now on?

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