Jeff Novitzky Claims Turinabol Has Been Found Few Times In Jon Jones Samples Since August!

Jeff Novitzky Says Tiny Amounts Of Turinabol Have Been Discovered In Jon Jones’ Tests On Several Occasions Since August!

Jeff Novitzky was a guest in Joe Rogan Experience episode on Thursday. He spoke about Jon Jones controversial drug test findings. UFC VP of Athlete Health and Performance discovered that tiny amounts of Turinabol have been found in Jon Jones samples on several occasions since August!

Look at the list of controversial tests and results, which Jeff Novitzky shared.

Jeff Novitzky told Joe Rogan that USADA first noticed adverse findings for a long-term oral Turinabol metabolite in Jon Jones’ drug tests back in August.

Aug. 9: Negative

Aug. 29: 8 pecograms

Sept. 18: 19 pecograms

Sept. 21, Oct. 2, Oct. 11, Nov. 14: All negative

But wait, the UFC president Dana White speaks different story!!!

Dana White talking to Alex Gustafsson earlier this week.

“He has had 8 drug tests in 6 months, and they have been negative”.

Jeff Novitzky also took time to discuss why NSAC ultimately denied granting Jones’ fighting license. The whole fiasco led to relocating the entire UFC 232 fight card from no-tax Nevada to high-tax California. (h/t MMA Fighting)

“I think it was December 6th, [USADA] sent a letter to us and they sent a letter to the Nevada state athletic commission saying, ‘Just you’re aware, over the last six months, early in this six months we’ve seen a reemergence of this long-term in Jon’s samples.’” Novitzky said on the Joe Rogan Experience.

“USADA didn’t need to notify them. They thought, out of an abundance of caution, let’s let Nevada know that this issue exists.

“That’s all good, Nevada gets this. I talk with them, they’re like, ‘Whoa, this is concerning, but we don’t see anything in our jurisdiction here, so I certainly hope that no subsequent tests show up positive because that could be an issue.’ And sure enough, USADA collects a sample from Jon on 12/9, they expedited the results because they knew a fight was coming up and they do that now when fights are close or the collections are done close to a fight, and here he pulses back up to between 60 and 80 picograms.

“There’s some misconception out there,” Novitzky continued. “[The NAC] did not say this fight is absolutely not happening next week. In fact, they, I think, were understanding of these issues but said, ‘Look, optically, this doesn’t look great, and we feel that, out of an abundance of caution, that we need to have a public hearing and be very transparent about this, because this is some weird shit.’”

But Jeff Novitzky claims none of Jon Jones’ tests contained significant levels of Turinabol. According to Novitzky, the amount of this anabolic steroid in Jones’ samples didn’t reach “performance-enhancing” levels.

“Look, I’m not an expert,” Novitzky said. “I don’t profess to be. My background is in finance and accounting. I traced the money back in the old days, but I know who those experts are out there in the world, and these are them. They’re, by putting these things in writing, putting their reputations on the line now and forever going forward. They’re not going to do something like that because the UFC pays USADA to administer a program or because Jon Jones is a popular fighter and they want to see him fight this weekend. That’s just not the way this world works. … Experts like this are very, very conservative when it comes to talking in absolutes like this. They don’t normally do it.

“These experts said based on these low levels of picograms, there’s no performance-enhancing benefit, and that’s an important point,” Novitzky continued. “Because if you would’ve told UFC, ‘Look, this is still remnants from a year-and-a-half ago, but we can’t rule out that he’s not getting a performance-enhancing benefit from it’ — well, in that instance, I’ll tell you and I stand by this, I would leave this company if somebody told me otherwise. If there was any indication that there would be a benefit from them even though it technically wasn’t a violation, I’m not going to stand by while anybody licenses that guy to fight.”

What are your thoughts on Jeff Novitzky’s statements? Is Jon Jones an innocent victim or the most intelligent rule breaker in the history of this sport?

Published on December 28, 2018 at 1:44 pm
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