Daniel Cormier Won’t Watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: ‘It’s A Work’

Daniel Cormier says the exhibition boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul will be staged, and he is not interested in seeing it go down

Daniel Cormier
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The world went crazy at the announcement that former boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather wold be taking on YouTube boxer Logan Paul in an exhibition boxing match. However former UFC champ-champ Daniel Cormier is not exactly convinced that this will be a real contest.

Cormier is a big fan of pro wrestling, and generally brings that mindset to the world of combat sports. He is often quite good at recognizing the parts of the pro wrestling world that applies to real combat, such as knowing how to cut a promo on a potential opponent. In fact, he has even given consideration to competing in the WWE since retiring from MMA.


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Daniel Cormier Is Not Watching Mayweather vs Paul

With such an intimate knowledge on pro wrestling, Daniel Cormier has a pretty good sense of when something is set-up and not genuine. He seems to think that the recently announced Mayweather vs Paul exhibition boxing match is one such situation. Speaking recently in the DC and Helwani show, he says that this bout will be staged, so he has no interest in watching it.

“He’s too big, think about it he’s a big guy,” Cormier said. “It’s a work. It’s an absolute work. It’s a work. They’re going out there to play around and make some money together. Floyd is as smart as they come in terms of business. So if there’s money on the table, Floyd will go get it. Floyd fought a Japanese guy (Tenshin Nasukawa) a couple of years ago for $20 million, to do nothing. The guy had never really fought. So it will be one of those situations that he’s going to go and put himself in, take a boatload of money. People are going to watch. As the Jake Paul thing showed, people are going to watch these guys fight. So Mayweather plus Logan Paul, it’ll do big numbers.

“I’m not going to watch it,” Cormier continued. “I’m not watching Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight. To watch two real guys go out and spar hard like Mike (Tyson) and Roy (Jones Jr.) did, I’m all in. But to watch Floyd and Logan Paul play around in there. Nah, I’m not buying no pay-per-view for that. I’m just not. It’s not even a boycott, I’m just not interested.”

To be fair, the rest of the card for this fight has not been announced, and Daniel Cormier admitted that there are certain bouts that could be added to the event to pique his interest. However if it is just about Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul, this bout does nothing for him.

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