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Dana White says he’s intentionally freaking himself out for UFC on FOX

Dana White says he’s intentionally freaking himself out for UFC on FOX

The way Dana White effortlessly crushes self-esteem and egos is synonymous with Atilla the Hun, and now it looks like he’s intentionally doing it to himself leading up to UFC’s first venture on FOX primetime. It’s like he’s one of those catholic monks that systematically beats their body to get closer to God. If you asked me what they’re called three years ago, I would have known — but a lot of partying has gone on between then and now, so whatever brain cell that retained that information is now retired in the recesses of my mind. Some would even argue that the fate of mixed martial arts lies within White’s hands — which are also white. Interesting.

LayzieTheSavage caught up with Dana White at yesterday’s UFC on FOX presser to see if he is indeed stressing out about the event and what is his ‘worst case scenario’ for UFC on FOX.

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