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Dana White Predicts Tyron Woodley KO of Jake Paul: “Listen, man. Woodley should knock him out”

UFC President Dana White is confident that Tyron Woodley will KO Jake Paul when the pair meet during their Showtime Boxing main event

Dana White Predicts Tyron Woodley KO of Jake Paul: “Listen, man. Woodley should knock him out”

UFC President Dana White believes that Tyron Woodley still has enough gas in the tank to get the job done versus Jake Paul. According to Dana, Woodley will not only achieve a victory, but he’ll also secure a KO in the process. 

Beginnings of Fight History

Tyron Woodley left many people wondering the details of what happened between him and Jake Paul’s team before Paul boxed Ben Askren. Footage showed Woodley get into a verbal altercation with one of Jake’s cornermen for the fight. However, Woodley spoke to the media to detail everything that happened. 

“I get to the locker room to check Jake’s gloves and the person who never spoken ever (J’Leon Love) walks around like ‘oh you don’t know nothin’ about those gloves.’ That’s the little clip that everybody sees. In my mind, I know what he’s doing,” said Woodley.

“First thing Jake said was ‘oh you’re here for clout.’ I said ‘don’t play with me you know I don’t play those games.’ At that point, he froze up. His act and his little character was stifled because those guys are fans of mine. He really doesn’t want to play those games because he knows what I can do.”

Dana White Predicts Woodley KO 

Since then, the fight was confirmed to headline a future boxing event for Showtime Sports. And although Tyron is the betting underdog according to the opening lines for the contest, Dana White still believes that Woodley will knock out Paul even though the latter portion of Woodley’s UFC run ended in a slump.

“You tell me when is the last time you saw Woodley look like Woodley, (but) I’d have to go with Woodley by knockout,” White said to Mike Swick on his podcast.

“Listen, man. Woodley should knock him out. But, again, the Tyron Woodley that you talk about, that was the champ, isn’t the same f*cking guy he was four years ago.”

If so, are fans interested in watching the match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley? Furthermore, do fans believe that Tyron Woodley has it in him to knock out Jake Paul?


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