Tyron Woodley Wants to Fight Jake Paul, Details Locker Room Incident

Tyron Woodley spoke with Ariel Helwani and detailed the confrontation between himself and Jake Paul, which is now why he wants to fight him.

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Tyron Woodley left many people wondering the details of what happened between him and Jake Paul’s team before Paul boxed Ben Askren. Footage showed Woodley get into a verbal altercation with one of Jake’s cornermen for the fight. However, Woodley spoke to the media to detail everything that happened. 

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Fight

It only took Jake Paul one round to send Askren to the canvas, and the moment it happened, the internet exploded. But, not without a crowd of conspiracy theorists who believe that Askren threw the fight quickly for a fast, lucrative payout. Regardless, the win was dominant and caused Jake to act recklessly on social media as he usually does. 

Tyron Woodley Explains Locker Room Confrontation Video

Shortly after, video footage showed former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley get into a disagreement with J’Leon Love, a cornerman with Paul backstage. After the confrontation was made public, Woodley spoke with Ariel Helwani to detail what happened backstage. 

“I get to the locker room to check Jake’s gloves and the person who never spoken ever (J’Leon Love) walks around like ‘oh you don’t know nothin’ about those gloves.’ That’s the little clip that everybody sees. In my mind, I know what he’s doing,” said Woodley.

“First thing Jake said was ‘oh you’re here for clout.’ I said ‘don’t play with me you know I don’t play those games.’ At that point, he froze up. His act and his little character was stifled because those guys are fans of mine. He really doesn’t want to play those games because he knows what I can do.”

Woodley on Fighting Jake Paul 

Woodley continued to explain the altercation with Love. Additionally, he explained why he believes that J’Leon’s act was to secure a fight against Woodley for a big payday. However, Woodley would much rather face Paul.

“He’s trying to boost himself and make a confrontation. So he can build a reason for me and him to fight because he’s a fighter who probably saw an opportunity to make some quick money and utilize me and my name. It’s kind of pathetic and sad.’

While Love may be too low on the popularity scale to face Woodley, Jake Paul isn’t. However, Woodley doesn’t believe that Paul would actually accept the fight. Nor does he think that the UFC would allow it to happen. 

“I don’t think he wants to do it,” said Woodley in regards to fighting Jake Paul. “They offered me to fight him in November. Obviously I couldn’t do it because I’m under contract with the UFC. But for this type, I’m gonna have to holla at Dana or somebody. I don’t know how these things work out, but let me beat this dudes a**.”

Should Tyron Woodley be given a chance to fight Jake Paul? If so, are fans interested in watching the event?


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