Dan Quinn is scheduled to fight a back-to-back endurance match sometime this weekend

So the story is the guy that’s on the phone, Randall Lamont, fights out of Marinobles Kickboxing in Roseville, CA. Randall just so happens to be Dan Quinn’s arch-nemesis from a beef that goes back over two years ago. Literally, if Dan Quinn is Professor X, Randall Lamont would be his Magneto. We’ve seen videos in the past of Quinn screaming at Lamont but now it seems that the fight that we’ve all wanted to see will finally happen. The brawl is supposed to go down at the Vagos Motorcycle Club in Corona, California home of the One-Percenters. If fighting a dude hyped up on Stevia wasn’t enough awesome in one area, Dan Quinn also said he would take on Lamont’s cousin in a back-to-back endurance match. The video was made yesterday and the unsanctioned match is scheduled to go down sometime this weekend. In the greatness that is Dan Quinn, we’ll try to get the footage of the fight whenever it goes down. [Source]

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