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Video: Cro Cop Wins RIZIN Openweight Grand Prix and Gets Loads of Rad Swag

Video: Cro Cop Wins RIZIN Openweight Grand Prix and Gets Loads of Rad Swag

Mirko Cro Cop is a god and will be treated as such as he reigns over Japan. At 42, Cro Cop is on a seven-fight win streak and finished all four of his openweight grand prix opponents. That’s right, ten years ago the Croatian Headhunter won the 2006 Pride openweight grand prix and now he’s won RIZIN’s by knocking out Iranian beast, Amir Aliakbari.

Winning the tournament unlocked a bounty of riches for the mythological fighter we can only now refer to as Fully Blinged Out 2017 Cro Cop. Gold was wrapped around his waist and a fortune was laid at his feet as a harem of women was there to wait on his every need. With all the swag he got after this win, it was like he was some sort of super high level RPG game character that just completed an epic dungeon run.

Charisma +5, Strength +10, Respect +7, Qi +12

[acquired boat ticket to faraway land]
[acquired Bahamut trophy] (+5 Vitality while in Japan)
[acquired ice watch] (+3 magick)
[acquired gold medal]
[acquired championship belt]
[awarded $350,000]

To reward your valor, the warlock Nobuhiko Takada made you 5 years younger.


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