Cro Cop claims another soul

Cro Cop’s return to the octagon was marked by another soul going down Cro Cop’s esophagus. It’s like he was trained in Shang Tsung Ju-Jitsu. Really we should all feel sorry for Mostapha Al-Turk who’s UFC debut was against Cheick Kongo and now Cro-Cop. They should stop putting him in with dudes that train with mythological creatures. We all fear Cro Cop, I mean its nothing to be embarassed about. 

Mostapha Al-Turk claimed that Cro Cop was just ‘a man’. Maybe that was dubbed in the audio for a joke. That was hilarious because we absolutely know Cro Cop isnt just a man. Its even questionable whether the dude is human. He snacks on pancreases. A baked potato with all the fixings for Cro Cop consists of spleens, spinal fluids, cheddar cheese and souls. Not to mention the dude was part of the Croatian parliament and the anti-terrorist police. Dude, the war in Afghanistan can end with a one-way ticket for Cro-Cop to Kabul and just waiting for a total of…two hours, tops. 

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