Conor McGregor Gets Blasted By Sinead O’Connor For ‘Racist Remarks,’ He Fires Back

Conor McGregor
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Conor McGregor And Sinead O’Connor Have Headed Exchange On Twitter

There was once a time when Sinead O’Connor performed live, while Conor McGregor walked out to the Octagon. Now the two are going back and forth on social media, in a heated war of words.

McGregor has been heralded as an Irish superstar, bringing in a ton of fans from that region of the world every time he fights. Although in recent years, this has begun to change, as his actions outside the cage have left many with a not-so-great opinion of the former lightweight champion. It is a shift that took many by surprise, but many people in Ireland have not been happy with the things he has been doing or saying, and have let their emotions be known.

This was perhaps most evident when Conor McGregor got into an exchange recently on Twitter, with another Irish superstar, Sinead O’Connor. It began with Conor saying that there was an opening for farm workers, but that it was a bad time to fly workers in from outside of Ireland. Apparently Sinead did not take too kindly to some of the wording Conor used, and she sent several tweets his way, essentially accusing him of being racist and xenophobic.

Eventually this would prompt a response from McGregor, who attempted to explain his point. The two then went back and forth, exchanging some heated words.

O’Connor concluded with one more tweet that, while not specifically directed at McGregor, spoke on the same issue they were discussing.

Sinead O’Connor’s position is understandable, given some of the controversial actions Conor McGregor has done in the past. Although this seems more like another situation where he is just being outspoken about the global health crisis. Either way, it was certainly crazy to watch this unfold.

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