Clay Guida Just Bought The Optimus Prime of Winnebagos

When you look like Blanka from Street Fighter, chances are you probably live a slightly different lifestyle than most 28 year-old dudes. You probably drink a lot of energy drinks and occasionally officiate Chicken McNugget Eating Contests at your gym. Clay Guida is the kind of guy who can alphabetize an entire shelf of library books while running on a treadmill and baking some lasagna. That’s not a joke, he can do all of that in his new Winnebago.

Check out this interview with Clay Guida where he compares his new RV to Optimus Prime:

I got outside my comfort zone by staying out here [in Albuquerque]. Living out here, literally I just pulled up on an Indian Reservation and I’m living out here in my RV. I’ve completely dedicated myself to training.

– Is it the old Winnebago or is it a new one?

I’ve got a new one with the earnings of my last fight. Instead of investing in a house that I’m never at because I travel so much, I bought a house on wheels. I’ve got this 40-foot RV, you’ve got to check it out man. This one holds water and everything. Remember last time the water was blowing out the one side and the latch was flying open while we were doing 65 on the highway?

– Yeah but that one had a fucking eagle on the side of it, which was bad-ass. Does this one have an eagle on it?

That was the screaming eagle, man. This thing actually looks like Optimus Prime though man, when you get in front of it. It looks exactly like Optimus Prime.


– You often take time to travel the country after your fights. Fast forward to after your fight on March 21st, I imagine you are not driving in the RV up to Colorado, so you take the flight back to New Mexico, what do you do? Do you take the RV straight back home or are you going to travel more, get some work in?

– As a matter of fact, Colorado is straight north of us here in New Mexico so I’m actually going to take the RV up to the fight with a couple of teammates. Probably Leonard [Garcia] and Cowboy [Donald Cerrone], Aaron Riley, Cub Swanson, been training with him. So we’re going to drive up there and then hopefully after my victory, head back here for a couple of days and then I’m going to go do some fishing in Mexico. There’s a real nice bass lake I was just at, one of the hottest bass lakes in the world. I was out there two weeks before this camp. So yeah, just take a little bit of time and then fight again. I want to get out there again in early summer time. Right back out here, man. Nose to the grindstone.

– Obviously, the UFC provides you with flights to your fight. What are you going to do instead, invoice them for the gas you use on the RV? Not many guys drive to their own fights in the UFC, no matter how close they are.

(Laughs) Yeah, they offered it and what I did was just offered my tickets to another corner man. My brother is coming out, obviously, Winklejohn or Greg or whoever needs it. So that’s another reason I did it, to free up a flight and I’ve got a big hotel room on wheels. I’ll be in the parking lot of the hotel we’re staying at.

– Wait, you’re not going to use the hotel room they provide for you?

Whoever wants it can have it. I’m going to stay in the RV.

– You’re staying in the RV even when you get out there, all fight week?

Oh yeah.

– Is it just because it has become part of your routine and you want to keep it that way?

I’m just comfortable with it. It’s got more to offer than a hotel room does.

We already know that Clay Guida was too raw for UFC Undisputed 2009, but apparently brick & mortar real-estate is a lifestyle he’s not interested in. You can keep it. He’s a one man rock-band touring the country and kicking ass (literally) along the way. [Source]

Published on March 5, 2010 at 2:58 pm
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