Chuck Liddell becomes a pillar of the gay community with this epic Cameo video

Chuck Liddell Cameo Video

Please never stop paying Chuck Liddell to send people personalized video messages. So Cameo videos are now a thing and fans are paying celebrities to basically troll themselves.

If that isn’t capitalism than MiddleEasy doesn’t know what is.

Thanks to Cameo and fans with expendable income, our dude Chuck is getting it from angles here.

No matter your sexual preference, the video below will inspire you. In all honesty, it’s 2019 and yeah, our favorite fighters from the early 2000s should be congratulating every single one of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender friends.

The video below is so good, you just have to watch it. Thank you L Dogg and congrats Timmy, Chuck is pretty proud of you.

You know what? This Cameo video is so classic, for the sake of MMA/LGBT history it must be transcribed for future generations to read aloud.

“Hey Timmy. Chuck Liddell here. L Dogg tells me that after 40 years, you’re finally coming out of the closet man. Yeah. You’re a homosexual and you’re proud of it. So man, good for you. I wish it didn’t take so long, you should of just accepted it a long time ago, but it’s all good you’re there. You can enjoy life and don’t have to hide what you’re doing and have a good time man. Hey, have a great life guys.”

Good for you man and they should have a great life. MiddleEasy is living their best life, just from watching that Liddell video. Once again, thank you L Dogg, congrats Timmy, and bless you Cameo videos for giving our fav celebrities a little extra cash for the sake of our personal entertainment.

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