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These Chuck Liddell, Matt Serra & Tito Ortiz custom birthday videos are too good

These Chuck Liddell, Matt Serra & Tito Ortiz custom birthday videos are too good

Ever wonder what those custom celebrity videos really look like? Did you ever want Chuck Liddell would wish you a belated happy birthday? Wonder no more thanks to a handful of MMA celebrities videos that have now been unearthed.

Possibly buried deep somewhere in the New Mexico desert, the gang is all here. Chuck Liddell talks into a camera for you. Tito Ortiz gets your name wrong and gives you free parenting advice. Matt Serra….Matt Serra, um, he does New York Italian guy things and rambles at you in an incoherent direction.


We’ve all seen advertisements for custom celebrity videos but we have yet to see them out in the wild. These are the type of MMA related car wrecks MiddleEasy cannot look away from. Hell, we think Serra might have caused a few car crashes while recording his custom video.

There are videos from Liddell, Serra and Ortiz. Let’s rank them from best and worst. Whoever paid for these, thank you. Bless your heart and your wallet for our entertainment.

At least Chuck is trying here. He even sings which is something else.

Besides getting the guy’s name completely and utterly wrong, Tito did good here. We expected so much worse.

Serra just phoning it while driving down a busy street; at night. Almost redeems himself at the end though, but come on Matt.

H/T thanks to @jedigoodman for all of these truly wonderful finds.

Update: HOLY HELL. Bruce Buffer killed this. We give Buff Man crap but this was tremendous.

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