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Christmas shopping is done for Jon Jones, now he’s just roundhouse kicking iPads

Christmas shopping is done for Jon Jones, now he’s just roundhouse kicking iPads

Just a heads up for anyone seriously considering buying an iPad for the holiday seasons, it’s rumored the iPad 3 will debut in February so let your pockets relax for a couple months. Also, if you want to know what ‘retina display’ means, I have a brief and concise explanation. It’s called ‘retina display’ because the resolution is so high that the human eye can’t discern a single pixel. Look at you guys, unintentionally learning stuff. One of the many benefits of

Whenever Jon Jones is not kicking a hole through the fabric of time and space, he spends his free time kicking brand-new iPads. Seriously, I’m not making this stuff up. Check out this video from ESPN SportsNation of Jones planting his foot on a beautiful Apple product.

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