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Check out the entire cast for TUF: Canada vs. Australia in this snazzy video

Check out the entire cast for TUF: Canada vs. Australia in this snazzy video

The last TUF I’ve seen in its entirety since TUF 10 with Kimbo Slice was TUF Smashes: Australia vs. UK. I’ve been meaning to pose this question for months now, but what is the significance of the title ‘Smashes?’ Hopefully someone from the UK or Australia can answer that for me — is that word some term of endearment that Americans aren’t familiar with? I’ve eaten bangers and mash from Wetherspoons in the UK, so I always envision that season of TUF had something to do with moderately-priced food at a pub. TUF Smashes, over a year later and I’m still clueless.

If they named this international installement, TUF Poutine, then I would be entirely familiar on the subject since I’ve had more than a fair share of the stuff whenever I visit Montreal. Smokes Poutine is actually the greatest poutinerie you can dine at, and if anyone tells you differently, they’re an enemy of freedom.

TUF: Canada vs. Australia, sponsored by Xbox One. We can only hope that the show will be available on-demand from the next-gen console as well. If it’s not, then it could go down as the worst promotional cross-over in MMA history. Now check out the trailer for the upcoming reality show.

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