Check out Jens Pulver’s new 8-bit walkout shirt

We’ve made it no secret that here at that we are huge fans of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. As a kid, Zeus slammed his NES controller on his parents coffee table countless times while I was sent to adolescent anger-management for volume of profanity that came out of my mouth yelling at the Nintendo. It took a weekly guidance counselor meeting to curb my verbal diarrhea that originated from getting pwned by that game. To this day, I sometimes spontaneously relapse whenever I see Mike Tyson on TV. Jens Pulver is hoping that Javier Vazquez had a similar experience so he can get in his head when he walks to the cage on Saturday night rocking his 8-bit inspired shirt. Check out his walkout shirt, courtesy of Tapout:



This isn’t the first time that psychological warfare was used, but it’s certainly one of the most creative. Props to whoever thought of it. [Source]

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