Chael Sonnen wants to let you in on a little secret: Anderson Silva hates you

I have a friend named Pedro who hails from Puerto Rico and he claims to have seen the mystical Chupacabra beast steal and devour goats from his grandfather’s backyard. He also claims he put a Puerto Rican voodoo curse on me to my hair turn gray and fall out because I call him ‘cabezon‘ too much. Pedro, apparently isn’t a fan of honesty. I’m not a fan of my hair falling out, so I’ve cut back on calling Pedro a ‘cabezon’ and instead decided to call him ‘calabazo’. Well, Chael Sonnen sure wouldn’t believe in that Puerto Rican Chupacabra or Voodoo mess, just like he doesn’t believe in Bigfoot or even Anderson Silva. In this interview with Cagewriter, Sonnen spills the beans about what he claims to be “MMA’s big secret”; Anderson Silva can speak perfect English and promises to give Silva a verbal beating like he’s never seen before. [Source]


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