Chael Sonnen Skeptical of the Liver King’s Apology; ‘What is the Story You’re Trying to Tell?’

Chael Sonnen isn't quite so certain the Liver King's apology means what fans think it means

Chael Sonnen
Courtesy of Chael Sonnen on YouTube / @liverking on Instagram

Chael Sonnen weighed in on the recent Liver King controversy that has had the MMA and fitness world buzzing over the past few days. 

Brian Johnson, best known by his internet persona The Liver King has amassed a massive fan following in recent years thanks to his ancestral lifestyle, promoting a primal way of living, including eating raw meat, to reach peak physical fitness. As it turns out, Johnson was not entirely truthful about how he obtained such an impressive physique. Leaked emails revealed that he had a steroid habit that cost him roughly $12,000 per month to maintain. Some individuals, like Sonnen, were far from surprised once he was outed to the world.

“I was a little surprised that this has become the forefront and a topic specifically within MMA.”

“I feel like I was the first one to this party. I told you guys a number of years ago the first time I saw this guy, ‘this guy’s on steroids.’ I do that to give myself credit, not to pull him down. To call it out.”

How the emails came to be leaked to the public is unknown, but in the digital age, seemingly everything we do or say is recorded somewhere. Sonnen believes it was just a matter of time before the truth came out.

“Everybody has a cyber footprint. And whether it was gonna be DMs or it was gonna be Twitter or the guy he buying the roids from decides he wants some kind of credit. That you’re taking the roids that I’m selling you and you’re making a pile of money while I’m just getting what roids cost.”

Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Buy the Liver King’s Apology

Outed for being a fraud, Johnson addressed his fans while staying in character as the Liver King to apologize for taking steroids and disappointing his loyal followers. Chael Sonnen questioned the validity of the apology delivered, wondering whether or not the man they call the Liver King will even discontinue his fraudulent practices after being exposed.

“The Liver King chose to do his in character. He chose to do it with the t-shirt off and after he had made up the hair. He chose to come out and keep the voice and keep the ancestral tenants. Is that good or bad? Comes out within the apology to talk about the fact that he had used steroids in the past and currently, but that they didn’t work.”

“Why? Why claim that? Why say that it didn’t work? What is the message there? What is the story you’re trying to tell?”

“The Liver King is telling you about anabolic agents he’s had. He’s apologizing for lying, but he’s not telling you, ‘I’m going to stop’ and that was one of the parts that made it a very different apology. My children will do this where they have to say sorry to one another. They did something. Okay, you’re sorry and that’s a sincere apology if you’re telling us that’s going to stop. You’re not going to do whatever that is again. 

“And that was no part of it. It was, ‘Hey, I lied to you. I’ve lied to you guys from the beginning. Here’s what I’m actually doing. I’m sorry. I’m going to continue to keep doing it. Which part? You’re going to continue the anabolics? You’re going to tell us that you didn’t do it? It’s an interesting spot.” 

Published on December 5, 2022 at 5:36 pm
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