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Chael Sonnen: Israel Adesanya’s Biggest Threats Are Chris Weidman and Tyron Woodley

Chael Sonnen Breaks Down Adesanya vs Costa, Reveals Who Izzy's Hardest Opponents Are

Chael Sonnen: Israel Adesanya’s Biggest Threats Are Chris Weidman and Tyron Woodley

After Israel Adesanya’s latest win at UFC 253, fans have been wondering who could possibly stand a chance of dethroning the middleweight king. However Chael Sonnen seems to think he knows two people who could pose problems for the Last Stylebender.

So far in his career, Adesanya has been compared a lot to Anderson Silva, an opponent that Sonnen knows very well. Both middleweight champions have similar styles, based on counter striking and defensive movement. This was so much the case, that when the two fought each other it was seen as a passing of the torch. Since then, Adesanya has continued winning, capturing first the interim, then undisputed title and earning his second title defense over the weekend at UFC 253.

Chael Sonnen Knows Israel Adesanya’s Toughest Matchups

After the way Israel Adesanya dismantled Paulo Costa, someone who was expected to be a tough test for the champ, many people are wondering who could possibly dethrone him. Speaking on his YouTube channel, former title challenger Chael Sonnen seems to think he knows who would be the hardest fights for Izzy, and they are not exactly who you would expect. After complimenting Adesanya’s performance, he explained that former champs Chris Weidman and Tyron Woodley would be the hardest opponents for Izzy.

“I will tell you the two hardest matchups for Izzy Adesanya right now,” Sonnen explained. “Chris Weidman and Tyron Woodley. Weidman has always been a matchup issue. Weidman’s a guy who just knows how to come forward, slip, and get you down. Adesanya early in his career, showed some trouble with that. I fully admit that he has not shown that recently. You can go all the way back to the (Kelvin) Gastelum fight where (Adesanya) was down twice, scrambled to his feet both times, and one time even threw up a triangle attempt. But you could go back to the Marvin Vetorri fight, just by example, and you can see where that’s a problem that Chris Weidman would also present. Weidman’s going to get ahold of Izzy and he’s going to drag him down. What happens after that is between those boys, but matchup-wise Weidman’s a problem and so is T-Wood.

“I’m only sharing for you, because this has to be hypothetical. Adesanya’s looking so good and so impressive, you have to begin to guess what can he do next, and can anybody beat him. I would offer to you two guys that can give him big problems. Tyron Woodley, who needs to become a middleweight, and Chris Weidman who is already at middleweight. I fully admit to you that those guys are not likely to get the chance. I’m just telling you who would give him the most problems.”

To be fair, as ridiculous as what Chael Sonnen is saying may sound, he is not exactly wrong. Stylistically speaking, there is something to be said for the idea that those two could potentially pose problems for Israel Adesanya. However unless something crazy happens, those questions will never be answered.

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