Bryce Mitchell Reveals Why He Wants Korean Zombie Next, Discusses Dana White’s Stance On Outspoken Fighters

Bryce Mitchell addressed a few important things about his UFC career.

Bryce Mitchell
Bryce Mitchell - Image via @thugnasty_ufc Instagram
  • Bryce Mitchell has picked his next possible opponent amid the current situation of the UFC’s featherweight division
  • “Thug Nasty” revealed Dana White’s take on fighters who are actively talking about politics and stuff outside the sport

Bryce Mitchell has become one of the most talked-about fighters in the UFC for various reasons. Aside from his undeniable skills, some fans are also noticing his outspoken personality.

Now, “Thug Nasty” has shared his honest take on his career and the other things that make him a notable name in the sport.

Bryce puts Korean Zombie under his radar

In a recent interview with The Schaub Show, Mitchell, who has been eyeing a top-five opponent, was asked about how he views The Korean Zombie to be his next possible foe.

According to the 27-year-old, it’s not his job to pick the best fight there is but The Korean Zombie makes a good opponent due to his history with title contention. 

“For me personally, they pretty much know I’ll fight whoever they tell me to fight… I don’t care who,” Mitchell pointed out. “That’s their job to get me the best fight but I will have to just sit here and agree with you. The Korean Zombie is the highest-ranked guy that I could possibly fight and the reason I believe that he is because he’s a two-time title contender… There’s other guys that might be up there but they didn’t fight for the belt twice.”

Mitchell went on to predict that if took a few rounds before the reigning champion Alexander Volkanovski finished The Korean Zombie, he’ll get the job done in one round.

“I think it took Volk maybe two rounds, so I’ll go in there and beat Korean Zombie in first round,” he assessed.

No issues with Dana

Mitchell is one of the UFC fighters who never shied away from voicing their thoughts about politics and current events. When asked to reveal what UFC president Dana White’s say about it, “Thug Nasty” confidently said it’s all good.

“Not a bit brother,” Mitchell said about White’s issues with outspoken fighters. “I haven’t heard anything negative from Dana and in my opinion that’s the best thing about Dana White… he lets those fighters say what they want and truly be free with their first amendment.”

With most of the top guys in the division already booked, it’s interesting who the UFC will match for Mitchell, who is now enjoying a six-fight win streak. 

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