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Brock Lesnar breaks down how his team analyzed Alistair Overeem for UFC 141

Brock Lesnar breaks down how his team analyzed Alistair Overeem for UFC 141

If we armed every living deer with a Glock and an instructional guide on how to operate the newly acquired device, the playing field would still not be leveled against the onslaught of Brock Lesnar. Don’t let Disney fool you, deers can’t read, speak or understand English. Therefore a Glock in the hooves of a deer is as useless as a cheese omelet strapped on the back of an American bald eagle. Perhaps if we replaced all four of their limbs with a unique WWII-era heavy machine gun, then nature may stand a chance against Brock Lesnar. In the meantime, Brock will continue to slay their population — and he’ll have fun doing it.

This media scrum interview begins with Lesnar discussing his hunting/farming practices and ends with him breaking down how his team analyzed Alistair Overeem for UFC 141. Both of those topics are related, in some really strange way.

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