Bobby Lashley did exactly what you thought he was going to do

I guess the first mistake Wes Sims made was wearing glasses indoors. We’ve seen it numerous times and in every scenario, it ends with a loss. Our photographer, Bauzen, made this observation a few months ago and so far he’s been 100% accurate.

The fight began with Frank Shamrock reminding the world that Wes Sims was 6′ 8″ and it ended with Bobby Lashley thanking Wes Sims for letting him ground and pound him into the next realm. Bobbly Lashley managed to land 32 out of 34 punches on the ground giving him a 92% rate of accuracy. Yeah, that’s 92% more punches than you would want to take from a guy that has a body of 1984 He-Man action figure. Congrats to Lashley and his massive win.

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