Bob Sapp gives a confusing official statement following his appearance on The MMA Hour

On Monday while the MMA world sat patiently by their laptop waiting for the result of Nick Diaz’s Nevada State Athletic hearing, Ariel Helwani was desperately struggling to entice people to his highly popular show, ‘The MMA Hour.’ It’s tough when you’re counterprogrammed by Chael P. Sonnen and Nick Diaz in the course of an hour, however Ariel brought the verbal goods in a riveting confrontation with a guy that has gone 0-7 in his last seven fights, Bob ‘The Beast’ Sapp. While I still haven’t watched the show, I’ve been told that Ariel eloquently grilled Sapp on whether he’s actually ‘throwing’ these bouts in order to rack up a steady paycheck. Perhaps someone can give me the cliff notes to Sapp’s The MMA Hour appearance and I’ll give them a digital pat on the back for their achievement.

Last night, Bob Sapp issued an official statement in an email exclusively to MiddleEasy and to preserve the rawesomeness of this letter, everything has been left intact as I received it.

To all the people that are in the

please remember the beast explorations and the cornerman contest!! (Cfc21fight)
Bobsapptv on YouTube

I gave more attention to smaller fight
Promotions and fans!!
Who else will do this !!!!

Look at slovenia video cm and the wfc fight
And notice the cm views
Notice the Slovenia small population gather
And support there fighter ROK and how many people
Gathered to support and view this Great fighter!!! ( Rok vs bob sapp)

Type in

Bob sapp vs Mario or the Mario doll
Notice views and then
type in
Dziewczyna pudziana
Notice the views
Notice my name is absent

Notice my Record at the time of these fight events
Notice when the beast promotion is put up
Notice a person write bad about me
Notice the people watch the art of laughter and enjoy

Notice no other fighter can capture people or the promotion views and how many people view the event cause of the BEAST !!!!
Compare beast promotion to Cfc ( australia) promotion
Compare beast promotion to ksw promotion (Poland )
Compare beast promotion wfc ( Slovenia)

This is how I give blood, (Ernesto Hoost
Fight, Nogeria fight )

sweat ( training and staying late to sign autographs in a packed event)

tears ( mirco cro cop fight )

and my brain!!! ( the beast promotion i created all of those bobsapptv sappy cm on YouTube and my press conferences )

Do you think general Patton or Colin Powell could kick every soldier’s ass!!!
My body may go weak thus I use my mind cause PEOPLE matter EVERYWHERE !!!!
And we stand together win or LOSE!!!!
Tough times and Good !!!

In the end it’s the stock in my bobdy and my name ….thus notice the stock market
At the end of the day win or lose the people will cheer!!!!

I will ENJOY my LIFE win or lose !!!

NO donation from the press or promotors for past fighters,
no charites,
no health insurance ( from most promotions)
Or injury insurance ( most promotions )
Or even time to donate for fight born injuries or consequences!!!
They don’t even buy a ticket they get press passes!!!

And they are passing FIGHTERS and FANS by!!!

We the people SEE the TRUTH !
I made these commercials
the PEOPLE And the FIGHTERS of today and yesterday(I will in no way shape or form I will EVER FORGET THEM )
Made me who I AM !!!!

To judge based on ABILITY rather then RESULTS is DANGEROUS

( thus fighters come and go and never last as long as the beast, 13 years!!! And still popular even in a losing)

We the people go by results !!!

You doubt me ???
Take a AIDS test
You still wish positive you still want that
+ sign??
You still want to hang out with positive
You want everyone to think positive
Including the doctor!!!!

We the people go by RESULTS
I think your a negative (-)person would I be correct????
You proud of your RESULT ???

You have my letter
You have my word
I am a MAN of my WORD

Beast WIshes!!!!!
Bob the BEAST Sapp

P.s = you SEE my defense I have none!!!
I FEEL you are right!!!!

AND now you appreciate the results in
Your LIFE!!!!


Truthfully yours
The beast!!!

Well it’s confirmed, Bob Sapp talks exactly how you think The Incredible Hulk types if he knew how to operate a computer when he’s all gamma radiated. We’re not sure if this answers any of the questions that were left after Ariel Helwani’s confrontation with Bob Sapp, but this is what we received from The Beast himself. Props to Kasidej Hempromaraj for the banner illustration.

Published on May 23, 2012 at 8:42 pm
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