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Belal Muhammad Threatens To Send Looters ‘To The Hospital’ During Riots

Belal Muhammad Issues Threat To Looters During Riot

Belal Muhammad Threatens To Send Looters ‘To The Hospital’ During Riots

Things are tough for almost everyone, during these uncertain times in the world. UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad has had all he can handle, after some looters tore through his father’s store.

Tensions are high in the United States right now, as riots and protests have broken out in various cities across the nation. In some areas, these protests have resulted in people looting and destroying businesses. It has become a point of contention in the nation, with people on both sides of the fence in regards to how appropriate and effective this is.

Regardless of how you feel, there can no denying how difficult this is for the people who own these businesses that are being looted, especially the local business owners. Belal Muhammad experienced this first hand, as his father’s store was ransacked. The 170lb fighter took to Twitter to vent his frustrations about this situation, and issue a warning to those raiding small businesses.

“Seeing my dads store, familys and friends small businesses being looted and destroyed is disgusting man I promise if I see you looting your goin to the hospital”

Obviously things are beyond complicated in the world right now. However as Chuck Liddell once said, violence begets violence. On the other hand, the frustration that Belal Muhammad, and others feel is understandable, especially given how personal this must feel for him at this point.

This is definitely a volatile time in the country, and in the world. As a result, there is sure to be differing opinions on what is going on. Nevertheless it is important to remember that just because a feeling is different than yours, does not make it invalid.

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