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Beef Alert: Bec Rawlings wants to eat Joanne Calderwood’s soul and have her cry in her hometown

Beef Alert: Bec Rawlings wants to eat Joanne Calderwood’s soul and have her cry in her hometown

Eating souls is an underrated aspect of mixed martial arts training. Before her fight with Joanne Calderwood, Bec Rawlings is calling out her Mortal Kombat finisher a couple weeks in advance. The plan is simple for Rawlings, defeat Calderwood in Glasgow, and then gain all of “JoJo’s” MMA powers as well as her life abilities by eating her soul.

Makes sense.

Talking to the Daily Record, Rawlings laid out her seven point plan for victory at UFC Fight Night 72 in Scotland.

“I want to eat her soul and maul her face off. People are never the same again after they fight me. I don’t go in there to lay on them or go for a decision, I expect to hurt them. I expect a first round finish and for JoJo to be crying on the floor afterwards. All of the Scottish men in the crowd can cry as well.”

A soul vs. soul match? A loser leaves soulless match? A hang your soul on a pole match? The possibilities are endless when Rawlings takes on Calderwood in her home country. For Calderwood, she has done her part by pre-blocking Rawlings on all social media outlets as soon as the fight was announced. The silent treatment is still the most frustrating form of shit talk.

Calderwood would go on to explain her dislike for Rawlings dating back to their time on TUF together.

“In The Ultimate Fighter, the first week she was keeping to herself and was fine. But then her character came out a couple of weeks in and I didn’t like being around her. You can’t get angry if they say things about you or you don’t get on. There’s no room to add in feelings like that.”

Feelings. Crying. Lost souls. The UFC strawweight division is getting interesting thanks to all these elements mixed to together then put into the oven at 450 degrees. Hopefully Rawlings and Calderwood realize that if someone loses their soul in their fight not only do they also lose their sense of taste but automatic doors no longer recognize their existence. High stakes at UFC Fight Night 72.


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