Ariel Helwani Fires Back At Brendan Schaub Following Paddy Pimblett Remarks

Ariel Helwani is responding to comments made by Brendan Schaub about the feud between Helwani and Paddy Pimblett.

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Ariel Helwani is not going to tolerate talk about him from Paddy Pimblett or from Brendan Schaub.

The feud between Ariel Helwani and Paddy Pimblett seems to be continuing on and now Brendan Schaub is involved. Last week UFC lightweight Pimblett was doing a podcast with Dana White in which he began to blast MMA journalist Helwani. He claimed that Helwani should be paying fighters and that he was offered a place on his show but Helwani refused to pay Pimblett. The argument began to catch traction and Helwani took to his own show to respond to Pimblett and to call him out. Now another man who has previously had beef with Helwani, Schaub has chimed in.

Schaub spoke on his own show about his experience with Pimblett. He said that he spoke to Pimblett on his Food Truck Diaries show and that he has reiterated everything he had said about Helwani previously. He mentioned the issue of not being paid and more. Now Helwani is not too happy with Schaub being involved and has taken time out of his own show to respond. 

Ariel Helwani lashes out at Brendan Schaub over Paddy Pimblett’s comments and more

Helwani took offense to Schaub’s comments about this matter. He spoke about it on a recent episode of The MMA Hour. 

“Brendan loves to do this thing where he talks about something and he makes it out like he hasn’t done anything wrong,” he said. “But then he’ll throw a little jab. He’ll make a little remark. He’ll hit you with a pot shot… And you’ll hear him say like, Hey, you know, Ariel, still talks about me and you don’t hear me talk about him. And, you know, that’s an indication  I’m in his head. And here’s the thing that I still don’t think he understands and I still don’t think a lot of people understand as it pertains to me. As I’ve said, time and again, I will forgive, I will forgive but I don’t forget. And I don’t forget, especially when it comes to people who either question or try to harm, my integrity, my standing, you know, my ethics. Stuff that matters to me, who I am as a person.”

Helwani seems to be defending himself quite a bit of late. He has had an up-and-down relationship with the UFC over the years. Back in 2016, Helwani was escorted out of UFC 199 after breaking a news story before the UFC wanted it broken. He later signed on to work for ESPN and felt as if he was being held back in that position because of his bad relationship with Dana White. Now Helwani is ready to spill all and warns Schaub to be careful. 

“So to Brendon and to everyone else. I will never ever forget. I will forgive. I will move on. Like I said if he wants to call me up even if he wanted to come on the show, I would be open to it. But I will never forget. And for him to do this song and dance, like oh Ariel still talks about me and I don’t, bro, you talked about me for five years. You lied about me for five years, I still got five f–king more years of material on you. And I’d be happy to talk about you in any kind of light for five more years. I still owe you. I still got back receipts. I still owe you for all the sh-t about (UFC) 199 and Showtime and all the other sh-t that I talked about. I still owe you so you’re gonna sit there with your puppy dog face and be like, Oh, he still talks about me. Yeah, you’re lucky I don’t talk about you more.”

This back-and-forth does not seem to be heading toward an end anytime soon. With each party involved having their own show and their own platform to talk this bickering might continue for a while, as long as the people will listen. 

Published on December 15, 2022 at 10:29 am
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