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Ariel Helwani Puts Dillon Danis To Shame With Twitter Roast

Ariel Helwani Puts Dillon Danis To Shame With Twitter Roast

Ariel Helwani Mocks Dillon Danis On Social Media

The MMA community is going a bit stir crazy right now, with no fights happening. This was shown big time when Ariel Helwani and Dillon Danis engaged in a back and forth on social media recently.

Helwani is one of the biggest names in the MMA media landscape, working for ESPN. Although he has been known to start beef from time to time, he does not often actively antagonize fighters. However this was not the case when he was interacting with Bellator fighter Dillon Danis.

It initially started out with Danis making some comments on a live stream on Instagram. Ariel Helwani responded, and the two have gone back and forth, with Ariel responding to Dillon’s tweets, which he then deleted. However the reporter perhaps got his best joke in after Danis posted a clip of a street fight to Twitter, implying he was going to do the same thing to Ariel.

That was certainly a hilarious comeback to the 2-0 Dillon Danis. The BJJ expert has won both of his fights, but has not shown particularly high skill in the striking department. Of course, that is to be expected this early in his career.

This is not the only person Helwani has poked fun at over the last few weeks. He has had a fair amount of banter with Darren Till, as well. Not to mention there were rumors going around of a potential boxing match between he and Ben Askren.

Obviously this is in the spirit of good fun between Ariel Helwani and Dillon Danis, as well as the rest of the fighters. With not a ton happening in the sport right now, it is good to have at least some form of entertainment.

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