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Video: Cowboy Cerrone says Ariel Helwani is dead to him & he sounds mad

Video: Cowboy Cerrone says Ariel Helwani is dead to him & he sounds mad

Cowboy Cerrone is pissed and we’re kind of here for it. This is MMA beef we never knew we wanted and now it’s here. Ariel Helwani pisses off a lot of folks simply just by being Ariel Helwani.

Including fighters, announcers, promoters, ring card engineers, media and coaches, is Helwani one of the 50 most famous people in MMA today? Because it feels like he is. Now working for ESPN and by far the biggest media personality in the game, Joe Rogan excluded, Helwani has a ton of influence on the sport.

Basically if Helwani wants to make a fighter a star, he has the power to do so. Get on Helwani’s bad side? He could easily ignore you and watch you struggle with an 90 degree uphill media climb.

On Twitter, Helwani has over one million followers….wait, Helwani used have to have one million followers and now he’s down to 700k? Interesting. Either way, the Canadian has a bigger reach the majority of fighters, coaches, promoters, etc. in combat sports.

So why is Cowboy Cerrone beefing with him? No clue, but Cerrone is sounds like someone you don’t want to cross paths with. A Cowboy never forgets, and Cerrone is done with whatever BS Helwani tried to pull with him.

Look into the eyes of Cowboy as he gives a dead serious answer regarding Helwani.

“dead to me”???

LOL what? What the hell did Ariel do this time?

This is MMA and they’ll probably make up before Cowboy’s next fight, but for now we’ll eat popcorn and watch this feud unfold.

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