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Angelica Chavez is mine

Angelica Chavez is mine

The cool thing about earth is once in a while, a hot chick will come into this world. What’s even cooler than that is sometimes, that hot chick will want to do MMA. Whats even cooler than that is that same chick will get exposed to gamma radiation and her clothes will be ripped off everytime she gets mad. 

Check out this chick, Angelica Chavez, that fights out of New Mexico by way of Global Fury Cagefighting. The chick has an amateur record of 14-0 and now she’s 2-0 after not only defeating Meghan Wright just 21 seconds in the first round, but sending her home in a stretcher! The chick is smoking hot and brutal. She’s the exact opposite of my functional alcoholic neighbor and her crew of 12 cats that roam my apartment complex like nomads in Mad Max. Now Duke City MMA is trying to get a match between Chavez and…Michelle Waterson! If being fine were a fruit juice, then this fight is like…frozen concentrated hotrange juice. Wait, what?

Click here to see that Angelica Chavez pic in all its hi-def glory

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