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And the winners of our Supremacy MMA contest are…

And the winners of our Supremacy MMA contest are…

Finally, 7,000 of you have been thoroughly convinced to follow MiddleEasy on Twitter, so we feel the need to give out some free optical disc schwag. Initially in our Supremacy MMA contest (which has been on the front page of MiddleEasy for a little over a month), we planned to hand out a game once our official MiddleEasy Twitter account exceeded 7,000, 7,500 and finally 8,000. However, we need to free up some banner real estate for a few end-of-the-year features that we have planned, so we’re just going to give away all three Supremacy MMA games now that we’ve reached the 7,000 mark.

In order to be eligible for the contest, you were required to follow @MiddleEasy on Twitter along with posting your Twitter name on the contest page. Now that we have all the entries, we assigned each entry a number and used to select three winners. Massive congratulations to the following people for claiming a free Supremacy MMA game for Playstation 3






If you were not a winner, don’t bum yourself out. There will be many more chances to win free stuff from MiddleEasy in 2012.

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