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Amanda Nunes’ Tattoo Is a Strong Entry for Worst MMA Tattoo

Amanda Nunes’ Tattoo Is a Strong Entry for Worst MMA Tattoo

The most relevant information that’s come to light during the build up to UFC 213 is Amanda Nunes’ terrible new tattoo. The women’s Bantamweight champion fights in the main event against  Valentina Shevchenko this Saturday. Coming off winning the title at UFC 200, and defending against Ronda Rousey for one of the biggest paydays of the year, Amanda Nunes is clearly feeling herself. MMA Tattoos have always been based in a lot of hubris, but Nunes threw a unique spin on the typical Old English, script nickname ego stroke.

Check out her new ink:


There is so much not to like here, beyond the fact that it resembles a terrible gi patch. My favorite particularly cringe-worthy parts are the two Chinese/Japanese (I have no clue) calligraphy. I can’t help but think of horror stories of Las Vegas tattoo artists “misspelling” characters to say hilarious things. I’d love to have these two symbols translated. The half-face/half-lioness is also hilarious, particularly as the lioness really resembles a tiger. At least Amanda looks like Amanda, I guess. But for Christ’s sake, why does it have to be inside an octagon? We get it. This is a fighter tattoo. “The Lioness” gave it away. And why is there no space between “The” and “Lioness”? Come on, man… spacing.

As bad as this is, and it’s an instant top ten bad Fighter Tattoo, this can’t beat the last great terrible tattoo contender. Let’s never forget Darren Elkins’ tattoo, Unquestionably, it’s some of the worst decision-making ever by a human being. It’s a solid case for outlawing MMA.

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