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Ahmed Elbiali’s Knock Out of Dwayne Williams is Beautiful

Ahmed Elbiali’s Knock Out of Dwayne Williams is Beautiful

There’s something about knockouts in boxing that make your head turn. Sure, MMA knockouts are a thing of beauty, but the whole idea of follow-up shots on the ground takes away from the spectacle of the whole thing somethings. That’s why we tend to love walk-off KO’s in MMA, which tend to only happen when Mark Hunt is in a really bad mood. But in boxing, kickboxing and muay thai? You get a lot more of those kinds of those awe-inspiring knockouts.

Here’s one from Friday night, where Ahmed Elbiali sqaured off against Dwayne Williams. Elbiali lands what is a perfect right hand and not only sends Dwayne Williams down and out — but planks him. I mean, seriously, this is planking at its mightiest. He’s legitimately stiff as a board. Crazy.

Props to ZProphet for the Vine.

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