Ahmed Elbiali’s Knock Out of Dwayne Williams is Beautiful

There’s something about knockouts in boxing that make your head turn. Sure, MMA knockouts are a thing of beauty, but the whole idea of follow-up shots on the ground takes away from the spectacle of the whole thing somethings. That’s why we tend to love walk-off KO’s in MMA, which tend to only happen when Mark Hunt is in a really bad mood. But in boxing, kickboxing and muay thai? You get a lot more of those kinds of those awe-inspiring knockouts.

Here’s one from Friday night, where Ahmed Elbiali sqaured off against Dwayne Williams. Elbiali lands what is a perfect right hand and not only sends Dwayne Williams down and out — but planks him. I mean, seriously, this is planking at its mightiest. He’s legitimately stiff as a board. Crazy.

Props to ZProphet for the Vine.

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