After watching this video of Chael Sonnen training in his garage, he may plan on standing with Silva

The name of the highly volatile gas well known for dispersing crowds is called ‘CS gas’. It is also Chael Sonnen’s initials. This is not a coincidence. Whoever coined the term ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ obviously was unaware Chael Sonnen existed. Tomorrow we will witness the accumulation of words, phrases and accusations manifested by Chael Sonnen transform into some megalithic MMA event that will forever be known as UFC 117. In Chael’s pre-fight interview, he mentioned that he’s never been outboxed by any opponent he’s faced and according to Sonnen, ‘Anderson Silva won’t be the first’. It looks like we may just see a five round stand-up war between the two as evidenced by this video of Chael Sonnen training in his garage. Yes, there is a Fergie and Michael Jackson mention somewhere in the clip. [Source]

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