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A Lesson in Street MMA: The Brotherly Love Double Punch To Knockout

A Lesson in Street MMA: The Brotherly Love Double Punch To Knockout

Bullies suck and family members are always good to back you up whenever an impromptu Street MMA match begins. But then, aren’t all Street MMA matches impromptu? I don’t know if that’s the sort of question we should be asking right now…

This match begins with a quick challenge to an openweight bout, and the sitting competitor isn’t digging the prospect. Still, he stands up while still in his warm-up gear, and lands a swift right hook just as his older sibling (we assume) comes in and cracks the bigger dude with an overhand right. Yes, a double punch the likes of which we haven’t seen since Billy and Jimmy cleaned up the streets in Double Dragon. We wish we could get a clearer look, but we like to think he was decked on the right AND left side of his head like a cartoon character.

Blue Shirt is stunned against the cage, exchanges words with everyone, then gets dropped by the Brother In Red with a nonchalant right, much to the chuckling delight of the audience.

*Twist Ending* The guy sitting down in the beginning isn’t that small at all, actually.

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