A Lesson in Street MMA: Taking your shirt off means nothing if you can’t defend the left

The little trickle of blood out the side of a fallen opponent’s mouth after getting decked isn’t just for the movies, it happens in real life too! Take this lesson in street MMA. This fellow wearing the cool sweater that only Russians seem to have access to is talking shit and wants to get in a fight, so of course he puts down his booze, takes the sweater off and then squares up. That’s where the lesson comes in.

Most street MMA participants feel like a badass when taking off their shirts, but if you can’t defend a simple left, don’t bother taking off your shirt. What’s the point of the ceremony? You’re the victim of a one-hitter-quitter and now you’re laying unconscious on the concrete, shirtless and bleeding like an old-timey villain. You suck.


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