11 Questions with Reggie Warren Jr.: Jason Chambers

Reggie Warren is back with another edition of his new MiddleEasy feature: ‘11 Questions with Reggie Warren Jr.‘ this time featuring fighter turned television star turned agent, Jason Chambers, a guy that I’ve partied with in Hollywood on a number of occasions. For those not familiar with Reggie Warren, he’s notorious for wearing pajamas and interviewing fighters. That’s not a gimmick, it’s routine behavior for Reggie. Also, Reggie Warren Jr. is not a big fan of ‘cocky Brazilians.’ Now check out 11 Questions with Reggie Warren Jr.: Featuring Jason Chambers’ and be sure to follow Reggie Warren Jr. on Twitter.

You can also check out more interviews from Reggie Warren Jr. hereThanks to Esther Lin for the wizard-like photography.


Why the hell didn’t you visit my dojo when shooting that damn show called The Human Weapon? And how could you let any of those foreigners beat you up?We wanted to visit your dojo and I was told on several occasions that the producers were in discussions with you however they fought your demands for “The finest pelts and a barrel of scotch from King Henry the VIII ” was a bit much.


I told you that I would allow you to be my fight manager, but then you stopped calling me once Dana White said he would never allow me to try out for the UFC. Do you now realize that I’m being punished for my talents and numerous 5th Dan’s from all around the globe?Let’s be honest, Dana knows what would happen to his champions if they had to face you. It’s very smart of him to protect his brand. Aside from the fact that you were adamant about a mixed gender bout, they will not be doing that until 2014. So perhaps there is still hope.


Did you feel like less of a p***y after you watched Thiago Alves destroy guys like Matt ‘John Deere lover’ Hughes and Karo Parsnipianish? No. The same level of said p***y was experienced.


Do you feel you can be a better manager of fighters cause you were once a fighter yourself?I believe that I have a plethora of experience that coupled with my amazing team can help leverage opportunities for the athletes.


Has anyone ever told you that you look like a pretty boy Yankee, dipshit soap star actor that I’d like to beat the shit out of after the first time you looked at me in a crowded bar?Aside from the nine voicemails you left me, no.


If you could recommend one piece of invaluable advice to a talented up-n-coming no holds barred fighter, what would that advice be? (I don’t care to know…just wondering for some of my friends)Get with a good team. “Good ” obviously is subjective to your own perception. In my opinion ” good ” means a team that can help motivate, mold, push and assist you in all phases of your career development. I am a big believer that modeling, in the business sense, works. If you are able to find a team that has put out high caliber fighters in the past, one would believe they have a process whereby they could replicate those results. Also great teammates only make you better.


Would grabbing someone’s carotid artery in a fight be considered pinching? And is pinching legal in a UFC fight?To answer your second question, no…pinching is not legal . I would assume the style in which the “grab” was administered could or could not be indicative of it being called a pinch.


You’re in a crowded bar and some guy with a fat mans beard and a bunch of tribal and Chinese symbol tattoos looks at you and says, “You like a douche bag p***y boy soap opera actor! I’m gonna beat your yankee ass!” He has 20 friends with him. You can have your choice of 4 fighters to back you up. Who you picking?Whichever ones carry guns.


Favorite fight movie? Favorite specialty ice cream flavor? Favorite submission move?My favorite fight movie has to be Fight Club. It appeals to men on a visceral level and it has proven to be a movie that keeps you interested after watching it 10 times. I am also a huge fan of the classics like Raging Bull and Rocky, which are close 2nd and 3rds. Pralines and cream is mighty tasty. Head and ARM triangle for the win.


Do you think the guys who you beat in fights are ashamed because of the way you look and the fact that your nickname was “Hollywood”? That’s really embarrassing. I mean how tough could you possibly be with a joker like grin and has anyone ever told you that you look like a p***y soap opera actor?Since Reggie Warren was taken my friends thought Hollywood was the second most douchbaggy name they could think of. It was really more of a throwback to the fact that I used to spray tan and dye my hair like Chris Leben before a few fights.


Ok, now I’ll let you talk a little bit about your new position and company. Thanks for your time. You p***y actor!I began a full service sports agency in Aug 2011, more information can be found at www.ApexSportsAgency.com. I thought the timing was right and the stars aligned. The UFC was getting ready to make the transition to network tv and this means a myriad of opportunities will be available. Having seen this business from the viewpoint of a fighter, promoter, commentator, matchmaker and the entertainment side, has really allowed me to amass a superabundance of knowledge and some wonderful relationships. We are arguably the most selective sports agency in the extreme sports field. It is a disconnect for me when I see guys take on 30,40,50 clients . They are really only servicing 2-3 or them. The rest are all thrown against a wall in a “see who hits” fashion. My goal is to be ultra selective and also have my team be ultra motivated to assist in building a fighters brand, far beyond single fights.
Published on January 14, 2012 at 2:02 pm
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