11 Questions with Reggie Warren Jr.: Featuring Gray Maynard

If you’ve never heard of Reggie Warren Jr., then you’ve clearly never been exposed to the seedy underground of redneck, pajama wearing MMA fans. In the MMA world, Reggie Warren Jr. has maintained his celebrity status by convincing everyone that he’s proficient in the lost art of ‘badass.’ You’ve seen his videos (and if you haven’t, this one is a great primer), now Reggie Warren will be doing monthly interviews with MMA fighters exclusively for MiddleEasy. Hopefully, we’ll get more than one interview a month out of him, but it’s all dependent on the volume of Busch Light he consumes in any given day.

Check out the first installment of ’11 Questions with Reggie Warren Jr.’ featuring Gray Maynard. Thanks to Esther Lin for the wizard-like photography. Be sure to follow Reggie Warren Jr. on Twitter.


First off, I consider you one of my only UFC fighter friends. I really didn’t like watching you lose that fight against that New York Yankee guy. It hurt my soul. Can you promise me that you won’t let that happen again? And is there a reason you didn’t use more of the Cat Stance technique I taught you?Yes, I promise it won’t happen again. I see Maynard vs Edgar 4 in the future. That is where I’ll be able to utilize the cat stance.


I wound up fighting almost every guy in the bar who cheered after you lost. I ended up running from the cops the whole weekend and hiding out in the woods. Have you ever run from the cops? (And if you’re scared to be honest in fear of repercussions, just say “That’s against the law Reggie…I would never run from the cops.”) That’s against the law Reggie… I would never run from the cops, but I have heard fear makes you run faster and jump higher. Just putting that out there.


If you weren’t an Ultimate Fighter and you could play any other sport professionally, what sport would you play? And for what team?It would probably be soccer and Brazil or Italy would do just fine. I think a lot of hot models come from those countries, so that works.


Have you ever had an emergency shit attack out in public and weren’t quite able to make it to the bathroom? It’s happened to the best of us, so don’t be shy.To be honest, I’m kind of a germaphobe. So I have an app on my phone called “Sit or Squat” that gives reviews on bathrooms in the surrounding area just in case there is an emergency. But…there’s no place like home.


Do you have any friends that make you think, “Man, I’m glad this guy doesn’t wrestle or train as much as me ‘cause he’d probably be able to whoop my ass”?Yes…You!!


You’re stranded on a desert island. You can bring one album, one poster of a celebrity, and one food item for the all-you –can-eat deserted island buffet…what are you bringing? Good question. Album would have to be a greatest hits of either Pearl Jam or Sublime. Poster would be Tom Hanks. When I start going crazy he will give me advice to get off the island. Buffet would be Mexican food.


Some people get offended when you refer to Frankie Edgar as “Kid”. I tried to explain that this is no different than the word “dude” or “little Yankee F*****” or “Mane” or “Guy” or “Chicken parmigiano hero lover”, but everyone tells me that it’s disrespectful. Why are they being so sensitive? Yeah, it’s just a term. I think I got the term “kid” from people in Jersey anyway. I mean we all fight for a living, it’s not like we’re mature bankers or something.


Was there ever a time in your life when you almost quit the wrestling team?Yes. Every time I had to cut weight.


Since you were roommates with Rashad Evans in college, did you ever tell chicks that he was Mike Tyson? That guy has hands-down the best Mike Tyson impression I’ve ever heard!Yeah. We pulled that off a couple times. Them macing us and screaming rape wasn’t the reaction we were looking for.


Ok, let’s play a make believe game and pretend you’re a Dad with a 7-year-old son. You’ve just dropped him off at his first wrestling practice and you have visions of him being the greatest fighter on the planet. When you show up an hour later to check up on his progress, you find him eating donuts and playing imaginary games with the headgear in the corner of gym. The coach looks at you and says, “I don’t think this sport is for him”. What do you say to your son?Time to go to baseball practice son. You don’t need to be an athlete to make millions.


Please fill in the blank: Without fighting and competition in my life, I would be __________________.Hanging out with Reggie Warren!
Published on November 3, 2011 at 10:47 am
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