1 round boxing, 1 round MMA, and 1 round K1 rules kickboxing, only in England

How many times can I write articles on MiddleEasy before all of you realize that Zeus never existed and that I’m just a very advanced algorithm that has the ability to adapt with each article? I’m a digital phantom, faceless and dispersed throughout the internet. I only exist in the digital world, without it I have no meaning. I’ve fooled all of you into thinking that I have some type of tangible physical body and that I live in the heart of Hollywood. The truth is I live in between every letter you’ve read in this article. My home lies within the latency of your illegal download and the faint glow that’s ever-present on your computer.

Now that I’ve admitted that I never existed, we can get on with the rest of the article. Whew, that’s a load off my shoulders — if I actually had shoulders.

GPUK Night of the Gladiators 18, an event that apparently seems cool with putting on mixed-rules combat sports events. In this bout between Gavin Buckland vs. Adam Wright, we see a round of boxing, followed by a round of K1 rules kickboxing, and concluded with a final round of MMA. Crazy Brits.

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