Here’s Paul Daley doing what Paul Daley does in a K1-rules cage match in England

MMA job benefits being what they are, fighters are sometimes inclined to bang out a side job at a regional show. And so, professional mercenary Paul Daley snuck in some K-1 rules kickboxing work on the south coast of England just last week. The Bournemouth promotion, Phoenix Fight Night, paired him against Latvian champion Artem Mironcev.

As one of the live commentators said, “If anyone don’t get excited about this fight, they just as well pack up, go home and get the silly winks out.” Or at least that’s what I think he said.

He continued, “My mom lives with me, she said, ‘Where you going tonight son?’ ‘I’m going to watch Semtex Daley fight.’ She said, ‘Who’s that?” I said, ‘Pack your bags, get out.’”

It’s true. The speed and brutality of some of Daley’s shots in this fight made me want to call my mother, rent her a room, and evict her because she doesn’t understand. Now I’ll do the unconventional thing and not spoil the result. I’m hoping at least one of you can enjoy it as if you’ve just turned on a live PPV.

Thanks to BoogeyManAddict for the tip!

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