Watch UFC Embedded, see Andrei Arvloski smile

Andrei Arvloski returning to the Octagon is the single greatest thing about UFC 174. I’m sorry Mighty Mouse, I enjoy my Xbox, I think you’re an underrated fighter and the main even will likely be a barnburner, but, it’s AA. To put it in a frame of reference, Andrei Arvloski had an action figure made in his likeness before 99% of the UFC roster, and thus, he is welcomed home like a king. Saturday will be good. He’ll stick his tongue out at Brendan Schuab, go “blehhhhhh” and for that moment, only that moment, the world will be perfect.

It’s good to see the former welterweight champion back. The fights he had with Frank Trigg, Carlos Newton and Matt Hughes were legendary. The old days were the best days… But I’ll try not to have nostalgia get the better of me. Let’s live in the now and watch UFC Embedded.

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