#TBT Pierce Brosnan played Goldeneye two nights ago with Jimmy Fallon

Goldeneye. Is there anything else that needs to be said? I hope not, because saying something original about one of the greatest Nintendo 64 games ever is pretty hard these days. We all have found memories of it. Facilities. Oddjob crouching. Screen looking. Not talking to friends for weeks on end after an intense round. We’ve all been there. So when Pierce Brosnan appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, it was revealed that the host is not unlike the rest of us, and challenged the former Bond to a little 1-on-1 Goldeneye action.  

I tried playing Goldeneye just the other day with some friends and…it has not aged well. Or maybe gamers are just spoiled now, what with having two thumbsticks so that we can look and move freely at the same time. Still, valuable lessons were learned during Goldeneye that are still used today. Namely, planting bombs on inventory boxes in Last of Us Factions. Also, it really pisses Gary off and it’s funny to hear him get mad about #tactics. 

Watch Brosnan not be able to move on from a role he hasn’t played in over ten years below:
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