Steam Summer Sale Breakdown: What to Buy: Day Ten!

Can you believe this Steam Sale has been going on for ten days already? I’ve spent $35 bucks and now I’m the proud owner of about 9 great games, but still, the sales keep coming. Remember: it’s a marathon, not a race, but no matter how in shape you are and how fat Gabe Newell is, you’ll never be able to out run him for long.

Prison Architect 34% off $19.49

I really, really want this game. I want to be able to create a prison that holds George Bluth and Oscar Bluth (I’m Oscar… dot com) but As I’ve said before, these double digit dollars in the double digit days of the sale are just too much. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this game, it should be known.Jason
You know, this is a game that I really want but I’m not sure that the discount is really enough for the buggy alpha in what is limited gameplay. I figured that this game would get down to like $10 during the sale, but at $19.79 it is still too much. This looks like a really fun $15 game that is being sold at $30 and on sale for $20. Just, blah.Dave


Worms Revolution 75% off $3.74

I love Worms, but do I really need it on Steam when I have so many great games? No.Jason
I’ve always loved the Worms games. They are simple and to-the-point, which is the marvel of them. I’m not sure how they are still making Worms games and what they are actually adding to the gameplay. It always seems so simple to me and like they’d just need to make new levels. This is a fine price for this, though.Dave


Starforge Alpha 50% off $9.99

I wasn’t familiar with this game until now, and I just got done watching some interesting videos explaining the gameplay and I have to admit: I kind of want. The idea of building/surviving/blasting aliens is right up my alley. That’s a weird phrase. Up my alley. I think I may pick it up for under ten.Jason
Okay, so this game is basically Minecraft with Space Marines, from what I can tell from the videos. It sounds AWESOME, but I’m not sure how I feel about getting in on an early version of this game, which already looks kind of buggy.Dave


Sonic Racing 75% off $7.49

I’ve played this with my little sisters. It does it’s job. Meh.Jason
I guess this looks kind of fun, there was a free weekend a few weeks back and I just completely ignored it.Dave


Saints Row 3 75% off $4.99

I bought this for five bucks earlier in the week and I fear I’ll never play it. I popped it in (as much as you can ‘pop in’ a digital library selection and I regret it. I would rather play anything else other than this.Jason
Saints Row games are super fun for just messing around and causing mayhem. They made it easier in this game, which means you can have a lot of fun just goofing around. I can’t vouch for the story, yet, but don’t expect anything GTA-level here.Dave


Natural Selection 2 75% off $6.24

I know people that play this, they are not Rastafarians so I don’t trust them. Skip it.Jason
This game just looks weird to me, kind of a mix of Counter Strike and I guess a RTS-type of game? Counter Strike Global Offensive is on sale, just get that?Dave


Counter Strike: Global Offensive 66% off $5.09

You really can’t go wrong here for five bucks. The Steam Workshop integration is great and it’s CS. What’s not to love?Jason
Hey, you know, if you like Counter Strike you’ll love this! I’m not huge on it, so I don’t love it!Dave


Assassin’s Creed III 40% off $23.99

On a good gaming PC the graphics make up for the overall shortcomings. Yes, the graphics are that good. I’m not usually a graphic whore, but oh well. This game came with my graphics card last year, and I don’t regret playing it, but it’s not worth the $24.Jason
I had to review this game in two days last year and it was such a miserable, awful experience. I wish that I could have sat in on the early meetings for this game; “Hey so, for ACIII we are going to hop from a likable, fully-realized character to a one-dimensional stereotype. Then we are going to take some of the fun game mechanics that we’ve established over the span of the series and make a lot of stuff that you either can’t climb or isn’t worth climbing. The cities will be smaller and any rooftop will have three soldiers stationed at the top to make sure that you can’t do anything. Then, because the tower defense stuff didn’t go over well last game, let’s switch it up to SHIP BATTLES. Yeah, this sounds like a winner!”Dave


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II 66% off $3.39

Worth the money, but the first one is better.Jason
The first game was super cool, but I honestly didn’t even know that this happened.Dave


Omerta 75% off $9.99

From the makers of the phenomenal Tropico series that my rastafarian friend loves is Omerta: City of Gangsters. Imagine X-Com: Boardwalk Empire and you have this game. But it’s not nearly as good or interesting as its inspirations.Jason
This looks like a good idea, but the game itself looks pretty crappy.Dave
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